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Free Pre-Travel Screen with our Patient Care Team

We offer a free pre-travel screening with one of our Patient Care Specialists where you can learn more about Travel Medicine and our current supply of vaccines. Our Patient Care Team specializes in travel medicine and has a deep knowledge of the industry, but are not medical professionals and do not make medical recommendations. We are here to help you better understand your travel health needs and connect you with our medical team for a full travel consultation and itinerary review.

Travel Consultation Details

Our travel health consultations are done by our Nurse Practitioners and typically last about 30 minutes and include a comprehensive itinerary and specific topics about your journey. Our Nurse Practitioners are Travel Medicine Specialists and will discuss recommendations (from the CDC, WHO and other sources) and requirements based on your destinations, activities, time of year, altitude and medical history. Our consultation rooms are private and comfortable. You can usually schedule an appointment on short notice and we will do our best to accommodate you after hours.

As a one-stop travel medicine clinic, Summit Travel Health carries all travel vaccines necessary to protect you on your vacation, safari, mission trip, study abroad semester, business trip, or inter-country adoption. We can also provide antimalarial and antidiarrheal medications. And, with our variety of hard-to-find travel products in stock, you will be fully prepared for whatever challenges arise during your journey.